Our Tours

This summer we are offering the following four tours as part of our regular schedule. We also offer a wide range of private tours which can be tailored to meet your needs and interests. You can find out more about these on the website.

Sachsenhausen Free Tour – Concentration Camp & Memorial 

Located just to the north of Berlin, Sachsenhausen was the concentration camp closest to the Nazi capital and became a paradigm of their system of terror. Follow us outside the city to the remains of the camp and hear the life story of pastor Martin Niemöller, incarcerated in the Gestapo prison, as an example of the German history in the 20th century. Learn more about the struggle for survival of the prisoners between the Appellplatz and the forced labour, always watched by the SS guards in Watchtower A and get to know how the camp elder Harry Naujoks tried to help the other prisoners survive with the help of the communist resistance. Through the preserved photographs and objects in the remaining buildings such as Barrack 38 you will get a better understanding of the life in the camp. The tour culminates with the ruins of Station Z, the camp’s execution unit.

Vive Berlin Tours offers this guided tour as a free tour on a tip base, because we believe that this is an important experience that should be open to everyone. We just ask you for a contribution of 1,-€ per person at the beginning of the tour to help pay the upkeep of the Memorial & Museum of Sachsenhausen. At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to determine your contribution to the guide.

10 am  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
Duration: 6 hours
FREE guided tour, tip only basis
An ABC all-day transit ticket is required for this tour

Essential Berlin – the historical highlights

During the 20th century alone Berlin housed fascists, witnessed the devastation of war, was separated into two cities, pieced backed together, and acted as a symbol for both communism and capitalism simultaneously! Berlin’s colourful history plays into the city as we know it today. We show you the hidden stories behind the most important sights and see what traces the Prussian kingdom,the Third Reich and the Cold War have left behind everywhere in the city.

This tour weaves through Berlin’s history by visiting landmarks such as the impressive Brandenburg Gate, the notorious Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, the Holocaust memorial and much more.

10 am, Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Duration: 3.5 hours
Adults 12€ / Students 10€

The Third Reich – Berlin under the Swastika

The twelve years that the Nazis ruled Germany have left their mark everywhere in Berlin.

Starting at the Potsdamer Platz we’ll take you on a journey out of the city center. At the Bendlerblock we’ll talk about resistance groups and the July 20th bomb plot. See the remains of an old bunker in Schöneberg and follow us into the Bavarian quarter, formerly known as the ‘Jewish Switzerland’, where Albert Einstein lived and where we will discuss the development of the Jewish persecution. Come with us to Track 17 from where the Jewish population of Berlin was deported to the concentration camps. Take a look around one of the most impressive relics of the Nazi era – the Olympic Stadium of the 1936 games*.

10 am Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Duration: 5 hours
Adults 17€ / Students 15€

An AB all-day transit ticket is required for this tour. Entrance to the Olympic stadium is included in the price of the tour.
*On days of soccer games it is not possible to enter the stadium.

The Cold War – From the division to the reunification

After the defeat in WWII, Berlin was divided into 4 sectors controlled by the western allies and the soviets. But soon their coalition began to crumble when a new conflict emerged: The Cold War. Berlin became one of the main scenes in this conflict of spies, deceits and clandestine agencies.

Follow us on this tour and learn how the uprising of the 17th of June made the young East German Harald Jäger a supporter of the socialist GDR, why he defended the Wall as a border patrol soldier and what made him join the Stasi, East Germany’s feared intelligence service. But also hear the stories of people who risked their freedom and their lifes trying to escape over the deathstrip close to Checkpoint Charlie, how 57 people crawled towards freedom through an escape tunnel in Bernauer Street, how the people of the GDR faced the regime in theMonday demonstrations and what role Harald Jäger played in the events of the 9th of November ’89 that led to the fall of the Wall.

10 am Wednesday and Saturday
Duration: 3.5 hours
Adults 12€ / Students 10€